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Detailed Information

DealerBuilt’s integrated LightYear DMS is a comprehensive suite of products includes variable ops (sales desking & F&I), complete fixed ops platform from scheduling through fulfillment, inventory management, accounting, CRM, payroll, DCS).  In addition, DealerBuilt’s enterprise platform provides Dealerships groups with options regarding how best to operate their enterprise under a single environment.

DealerBuilt has seen steady growth as automobile Dealers seek additional choices to manage their operations.  LightYear’s Window’s based platform coupled with a non-proprietary SQL database and ‘can-do’ attitude provides Dealers a technical partner seeking to leverage every dollar spent on technology.

In early 2017, DealerBuilt intensified their partnership with VisionMenu for the F&I Menu and added vSignature to provide digital contracting features and additional “DocuPad” like presentation capabilities. Along with that, they have also partnered with Maximtrak (owned by RouteOne) for an automated interview and risk-based menu presentation.

DealerBuilt has also partnered with Momentum CRM for a more comprehensive CRM featuring mobile application, auto marketing campaign management, service BDC integration capabilities to better compete with Elead1, VinSolutions and DealerSocket.