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Dealership Management Reinvented

Learn about our projects and how we help dealers eliminate a wide array of pain points: everything from tough vendor negotiations on DMS contracts to complex re-negotiations in buy/sell situations.

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Powering innovation at 5,000+ dealerships

We were in need of a new computer system, before going into negotiations we hired the Gillrie Institute. The Gillrie Institute gave us step by step instructions not only on the hardware, but our monthlies are less than before on a new system, the addendums the Gillrie Institute provided solved many of the problems dealers have with contractual issues, and we saved a lot of money.

D.M. Washington

I went into every vendor meeting knowing what to do. I was in control. Saved a fortune!

J.S. New York

There were so many things coming down the pipe and it was difficult to get my arms around it all. The info you gave us, knowing what we knew from you, gave us leverage we would never have had.

L.T. Florida

Knowledge is Power… helped me save over $ 200,000 and it was fun!

M.B. California

This is the 2nd time you saved me a tremendous amount of money. I really appreciate the attentive follow-up. I would never buy a computer without you guys.

T.S. Utah
Overpaying for DMS?
Overpaying for DMS?

We know what DMS problems dealers are facing. Learn more about how we can reduce your DMS bill and improve your terms and configuration with various DMS providers.

Getting the most out of your resources?
Getting the most out of your resources?

Let us help you ensure you get the most out of your investments. We can help you ensure things are functioning at peak performance.

Buying new Software?

Talk to us if you want to move your dealership software to the next level. Let us help you navigate this confusing landscape and ensure you’re not overspending.

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Call us today

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