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Automate DMS has been around since the dawn of the automotive dealership management system. Automate’s parent company started in the 1970’s as Wang Laboratories. Wang a competitor of IBM was very effective in the automotive space, at one point more than two thirds of all dealerships used Wang Computer system. One of Wang’s products was an F&I system named Auto/Mate.  Sadly in the transition from mainframes to PC’s Wang’s hardware business fell on hard times and in 1992 they filed for bankruptcy.

Fullum the developer of Auto/Mate was able to acquire the rights to Auto/Mate and continue it’s development. Soon after he began marketing it to dealers in the north east.  The company continued to grow and with the passing of Fullum in 1999 Mike Esposito took over the reigns. In 2005 Auto/Mate was sold to a private investor and began a growth phase that continues today.  Now Auto/Mate is the home of 135 Employees and services 1,150 Dealers nationwide.

Auto/Mate recently introduced a Multi-Point Inspection feature for its Mobile Service Solution enabling ‘paperless’ Fixed Ops processes. The company does not sell stand-alone products that are compatible with other DMS. In addition Auto/Mate focuses on developing enhancements to the current system in-house, instead of acquiring other companies.

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